What We Find: Commercial Roof Inspections

When it comes to commercial roofs and commercial roofing, there are specific things that an inspector will look for. A commercial roof inspection differs from a home roof inspection because of the difference in insurance coverage and the number of people that will be entering the building each day. So, what do commercial inspectors look for? Keep reading to find out.

Everything Included in a Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial roof inspectors will look at the roof’s decking to ensure that it is safe and secure. They will look at surface membranes to ensure they are waterproof, roof vents, flashing, field tears and more. Inspectors will also look at gutters and drainpipes to ensure that water is being directed away from the roof as it should be.

Inspections will help you spot problems and issues before they become major and cause severe damage to your roof. Inspectors will also look for debris that needs to be removed, which may cause roofing problems. They will also look for ponding or standing water or stains that indicate that water has been standing at some point. This will help detect issues with sloping and with a roof that is not drained properly as well.

They will check for flashing issues that may cause water to go down into the structure, as well as check for cracks and tears that may be present in the roof that may cause damage overall. They will inspect the surfaces and ensure that the surfaces are intact and that the edges are intact as well.

What We find During Commercial Roof Inspection

There are a huge number of issues that can be found during inspections. Inspectors can find cracks and fissures in the roof that might end up causing leakage into the building; they can find problems with waterproofing. They can find problems with the slope of the roof or gutters.

The point of an inspection is to find problems before they get out of hand and before they cause major problems. Routine inspections can help find problems when they are small and manageable and then help the building owner devise a plan to fix the issue before it causes more problems. It is important to take care of problems as they occur.

Things like cracks and fissures in the roof can lead to water damage that can undermine the structure, clogged drains can cause water to back up, and pooling water can undermine the roof’s integrity. Regular inspections can help prevent these issues.

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