Decorating Your Roof This Christmas

With winter coming soon, it won’t be long before you take the holiday decor out of storage. Hanging lights along the side of your home and along and on the roof is one of the most popular types of Christmas decor. However, when hanging your Christmas lights, you don’t want to accidentally damage your roof. The following six tips will keep your roof safe while you make it festive for the holidays.

Six Tips for Safe Roof Holiday Decorations

  1. Wear the Right Shoes: One of the easiest ways to damage your roof is by walking on it with the wrong type of shoes. You should always wear rubber-soled shoes as they protect your roof shingles from damage while also giving you a good grip while walking on your roof.
  2. Avoid Staples: A lot of homeowners staple their Christmas lights in place when hanging them. While this is convenient, it is also highly damaging to your roof when you hang the lights and remove the staples later.
  3. Don’t Use Nails: Lights are not the only type of decoration you may want to put on your roof this holiday season. When securing other decorations, do not use nails to secure them. Nails create holes and can damage the roof structure due to hammering. Instead, secure your decorations with twine and clips.
  4. Make Use of Light Clips: When looking for a staple or nail replacement, use light clips. They allow you to safely and easily attach holiday lights to your roof’s gutters and grooves without damaging your shingles.
  5. Give Your Chimney Room: If you have a chimney, you’ll want to avoid placing decorations around it. A chimney’s heat can cause decorations to melt or otherwise become damaged. This not only destroys your decorations, but it can also be hazardous.
  6. Know What Decorations To Avoid: Another aspect of safe holiday decorations is knowing what decorations to avoid. While lights are generally safe for most roof types, you should avoid placing them in areas that are dangerous or hard to get to. Also, if your roof has a slope greater than 45 degrees, you’ll want to avoid using plastic figurines or inflatables, as this can strain your roof leading to shingle and structural damage.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your home for Christmas can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the year. There are few sights as enjoyable as subdivisions decorated for the holidays. With careful planning, you can make your home festive and bright without damaging your roof.