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Designer Roofs: How Your Roof Impacts Your Curb Appeal

A roof is an important element of your home. It helps to cover the home so that exterior elements, including rain, dirt and pests, cannot make their way in. While a roof serves a functional purpose, it can also affect the overall aesthetic of your home. If your roof’s color, style, or material does not […]

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Guide for Adhering to COOL Roof Code Requirements in California

The next round of COOL roof code updates by the California Energy Commission is scheduled for this year. The requirements for roofs vary throughout the state. It’s worth checking with your local municipality before beginning any project. That said, there are general requirements builders will likely need to meet, which are discussed below. Solar reflectance […]

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How to Meet the Cool Roof Code Requirements

The California Energy Commission sets standards for roofing to protect property owners and their environment. Cool roof requirements for California roofs are part of these standards. These regulations are updated every three years and vary by region. Therefore, it is important to stay informed about the requirements in your area and how to meet them. […]

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