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Why Businesses Choose Commercial Roof Spray Coating

Are you interested in an easy way to save money and energy costs at your commercial building in Glendora, CA? Consider investing in a spray coating for your commercial roof this season. These spray-on coatings are a fluid-applied silicone coating that gets sprayed on top of your existing roof system. No re-roofing is required—it’s just […]

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Seven Ways to Protect Your Roof in Winter

While California rooflines may not face the same harsh conditions as properties in Minnesota, it’s still important to properly maintain your roof in Glendora, CA throughout the winter. Taking the following steps for roof protection will help prevent property damage and reduce further maintenance and repairs. With that in mind, this winter you should: Clean […]

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Five Roofing Facts That Might Surprise You

Most homeowners tend to think about their roofs only when a problem arises. Until water starts leaking through a gap or shingles and tiles are noticeably cracked, the roof remains out of mind. Of course, there’s more to your roof than meets the eye. Here are some interesting facts about roofs and tips to help […]

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