What Homeowners Need to Know About Title 24 Cool Roof Requirements

Over the years, owning real estate in California has proven to be a good investment. While there are benefits that come with owning a home, there are situations when you will want to improve your home. One improvement will come when replacing a roof. When you are going to invest in a new roof, getting a cool roof is a good idea.

A cool roof is designed to help keep your California home cool. This is largely done by reflecting solar UV rays, which otherwise would be absorbed by the home. This can then help keep a home cooler throughout the year. When purchasing a cool roof, it is important to ensure it meets the Title 24 roofing requirements, which the California Energy Commission sets. For throes wondering what homeowners need to know about title 24 cool roof requirements, there are various factors that need to be met. 

Thermal Emittance

For those wondering how to meet title 24 requirements, one of the requisites that need to be met is to ensure that the roof shingles are able to emit any heat they absorb. A cool roof tile should be able to absorb heat from the sun and then release it back. The roof manufacturer will need to prove that the roof meets the standards for compliance. 

Reflexivity Index

Another important part of Title 24 cool roof compliance is reflexivity. For a roof to be in compliance with Title 24, it will need to be able to reflect UV rays and heat from the sun. When testing for compliance with Title 24, the level of this reflex will be tested and confirmed. A certain level of reflexivity on the index will need to be met to receive this certificate. 


Another essential part of the Title 24 roofing requirements is the overall durability of the roof. While one of these roofs will be able to reflect the heat when installed, it is also important to show that the reflexivity will continue to last and provide service and benefits. It will need to be shown that it can last for at least three years before the reflectance needs to be replaced. 

If you want a roof replaced or improved in California, investing in a cool roof is a good idea. This type of roof is designed to help keep your home cool, which can reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint. When looking at a cool roof, you will want to ensure you choose one that is Title 24 certified. For those wondering what is a Title 24 roof, various requirements need to be met, which will assure you that you will choose a quality roof. 

A great way to ensure you get the right roof is by working with a Title 24-compliant roofing contractor like Dowd Roofing Co. These contractors will have roofing materials approved to comply with these requirements. They can then help you select one that is right for your situation.