Why Businesses Choose Commercial Roof Spray Coating

Are you interested in an easy way to save money and energy costs at your commercial building in Glendora, CA? Consider investing in a spray coating for your commercial roof this season.

These spray-on coatings are a fluid-applied silicone coating that gets sprayed on top of your existing roof system. No re-roofing is required—it’s just meant to be an extra layer of protection. But of course, it will function most efficiently when it’s sprayed on top of a high-quality roof.

The coating helps to restore your roof’s waterproof properties, while adding some extra insulation to save you money on energy costs in the long run.

The process for installing a roofing cool spray in Glendora, CA typically looks like this:

  • Inspection: Before any work is done on the roof, the professionals handling the job will perform an infrared inspection to find any areas that have wet insulation underneath the roofing membrane. Before any additional work can be done, those wet areas need to be removed and replaced.
  • Power washing: After finishing the removal and replacement of wet, saturated insulation areas, the entire surface of the roof will then be power washed to remove contaminants that might have built up on the roof over time.
  • Reinforcement: Roofing specialists will next inspect the seams of the roofing membrane and reinforce with self-adhesive tape, or with a combination of mesh and coating.
  • Application: Next, the new silicone coating membrane will either be sprayed on or rolled on over the surface to create a new, high-quality seamless membrane. The larger the surface area, the more likely it is that the membrane will be sprayed on, which is why spray-on coating is generally the most recommended option for business owners.
  • Inspection: Once the spray-on coating process is over, either a representative from the manufacturer or another third party will be called out to the property to inspect it and make sure the job was performed properly. Proper application of silicone and repairs to the roof are important for ensuring a long-lasting result. Otherwise, a failure to properly install the coating could result in the need to redo the work or void the warranty.

Most business owners find it’s in their best interest to focus on roof restoration rather than replacing their roof, and to keep up with those recoatings for as long as possible before it’s no longer feasible to put off roof replacement. It is significantly less expensive to recoat the roof than to replace it, and by staying on top of this maintenance you can stretch out the lifespan of your roof and avoid having to make such a massive financial investment that could be a hardship for you as a commercial property owner. These coatings are an option for roofs made out of asphalt, concrete, metal, and more.

Interested in learning more about spray-on coating solutions for commercial roofing? For more information about commercial businesses and roof spray coating in Glendora, CA, we encourage you to contact Dowd Roofing Co. with any questions you have.