Dos and Don’ts for Your Holiday Roof Decorating

We’re just about to kick off the holiday season, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all coming our way in rapid succession. If you’re someone who likes to put out decorations for the holidays, it’s time for a bit of a reminder of some key dos and don’ts for your decorating process.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to your holiday lawn décor and roof decorating.

DON’T staple lights

You should always avoid using staples, even if you think you need some extra support to keep your lights attached to the roof.

Staples can irreparably damage your roof and siding. Plus, they simply don’t work well, especially on certain types of material like fiber cement. You’ll just have to go back the next year and do it all over again. Additionally, using staple guns only increases your chance of injury.

DO use clips for your lights

You can purchase roof light clips in bulk for cheap and attach your lights safely and reliably. They’ll either attach to gutter lips or underneath shingles, and are easily removed without damaging the roof or gutters.

DON’T weigh down your gutters

You should only attach lights to your gutters—avoid trying to hang anything heavier or larger from them. Doing so will likely damage the gutters and cause them to start pulling away from the fascia due to their excess weight.

DO spend some time planning your design

When you pull out your decorations at the beginning of the season, take a moment to sort through everything you have and categorize them by size and weight. Any particularly large or heavy items should go on your lawn rather than on your roof. For example, large statues, figurines and board cutouts are all best for use on the lawn so you don’t have to worry about securing them at elevation. This will help you avoid potential accidents and roof damage.

DON’T let other items near your decorations

Keep your holiday decorations away from other items. For example, you don’t want your inflatables anywhere near your chimneys (to prevent them from burning or melting), electric lines (potential electrocution), tree branches (potential punctures) or vents (potential vent blockage). When stringing lights, make sure they don’t get tangled up with other items on the roof, and that they’re not in an area where they could be interfered with by trees.

DO secure your inflatables

Whether you’re placing inflatables on a roof or on the ground, it’s important to secure them properly. On the roof, inflatables can be tied down with twine or clips, or attached to other objects on the roof. However, if you’re worried about winter storms, it’s best to keep them on the ground. Never put inflatables on roof slopes steeper than 45 degrees—this helps keep them secure.

Need some more holiday lawn and roof decorating advice as you head into the upcoming season? Get in touch with the team at Dowd Roofing Co. with any questions you have.