Six Creative Roof Tile Colors for Your Home

When it comes to roofing, you have options. That includes a broad palette of colors that will enhance your home. Many people find they feel stuck with traditional colors and seek something that stands out more. There’s no need to feel stuck—choose a unique color and hire us for roof cleaning in Glendora, CA to preserve it. Here are six creative colors you may enjoy for your new roof:

  • Aged copper: If you like the look of copper but cannot afford a full copper roof right now, you can choose aged copper. It offers the appearance of copper that started oxidizing with a bronze base and hints of green. You can use it for mission, Spanish, shingle, shake, slate, graduated and tower tile, or consider finials or hip and ridge systems. This option also works if you like copper but would rather have something that does not fully oxidize.
  • Adobe fleck: The red and orange hues of this option make it look like stone or adobe. It offers a matte sheen and works for many home styles, from classic to modern. Unlike adobe, it works for shingle, interlocking, shake and slate tile, which means you can bring its unique color scheme to any home type.
  • Bright green: This option is in-your-face bright green. You may knock it at first until you see it on a home. It is an excellent option if you are tired of red mission tile but need something else in that style. Green adds pop, and you can also choose shingles and shake for that midcentury modern house with bright trim. Consider pairing it with copper gutters or aged copper finials. Green and bronze often look incredible together!
  • Royal Persian: One of many bright blue shades, royal Persian offers new pop to mission, Spanish, shingle and shake tiles. It is striking on multi-family properties that are often expected to be boring. If you want your shop or restaurant to stand out, choose blue roofing and paint exterior trim to match it. Royal Persian is an excellent choice for those who prefer whimsical to traditional.
  • White cedar: White cedar gives your home or commercial building the appearance of a wood roof without the leaks, energy loss and constant repair needs. Unless someone looks very closely, they will not see that your roof has tile shingles rather than wood. It is light-colored and a fantastic option if you want texture more than color. However, do not underestimate it because it seems plain—white cedar may be what pulls your classic home together!
  • Midnight black: For a truly striking house, go for dark and choose midnight black. It offers a shiny gloss but almost no energy efficiency as it will absorb the heat. However, if you have an inner gothic streak and a well-insulated attic, a black roof may be exactly what works for you. There is no doubt that your home gains noticeable curb appeal with this option.

If you seek a brighter or more expressive roof, Dowd Roofing Co. is here for you. Located in Glendora, CA, we offer roof installation, repair and roof cleaning to preserve your new investment. Call us today to schedule an estimate.